Creation of Games Society

Meeting 7-9 PM every Tuesday @ The Cave (Hill 252)

E-Board applications are due Monday March 18!

About Us

The Rutgers University Creation of Games Society is dedicated to researching, learning, understanding, and teaching the techniques and theories used in video game development in an environment which provides for its members a place expand their knowledge of the concepts and in which they may develop and design video games and theories in the field.

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We meet Tuesday night from 7-9PM in The Cave (HLL-252). There are no perquisites to join and we welcome new members throughout the semester, so feel free to show up to any meeting. We encourage all members to join the mailing list and Slack to keep up to date with club news and communicate with your groups. When signing up for Slack, please use your Rutgers email address.


In addition to weekly club meetings, COGS will be hosting game nights and social events throughout the year. Please join the mailing list to keep informed of upcoming COGS events.